Jumat, 04 September 2009

the acid effect

Ive been eyeing this acid leggings from cottonink. I LOVE the acid wash effect, esp on black; the cool orange effect looks like fire. But I know that I won't have too much chance wearing it. Even my basic legging is not used that often. And the acid wash shawl I liked very much also haven't worn more than once!

I really should be careful in wearing this shawl. If I don't get it right, it can easily looks like a mop cloth. Look below pic for example..I got mocked by my friends of wearing kain pel. Anyway the jelly ice from Muara Karang was sooo damn gooood, even for me who's usually don't like such thing.

So, still think the acid wash stuff is great..just be wiser in using it! :D

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