Senin, 14 September 2009


Amazed by Brightspot in Grand Indonesia, Sept 10th-13th ago. The caption under the name already explain what it stood for; 'a 4 days market of all things cool.'

Literally cool stuff which would fits an 'AGJ' (Anak Gaul Jakarte!) are all here, starting from alternative fashion choices ('indie' new designers), bicycle stuff, aksara bookstore, and other cool things you could think about.

The main dish here must be the rising young designers, some of them starred in Bazaar Indonesia Aug article in 'Bright Young Things' section.
Young designer brands such as Nikicio (Ps. LOVE LOVE Nikicio kitten motif), KLE, Majic, and stores which sells their stuff such as Happy-Go-Lucky were there. Some are Online shops that are already famous among their society such as Petite Cupcakes and The 'it' fashion items such as Melissa shoes, which still rare in Indonesia also had their booth here.
Young, rich and stylish are the designers, and also the buyers.

Ayyway I enjoyed the atmosphere, which for me was like an upscale Chatuchak market. The stuff was a bit pricey, but maybe that was the price of originality and creativity. Whoever the conceptor, they're great.

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