Sabtu, 05 September 2009

gift for myself

This shoes is miraculously mine!

I went to ZARA Senci last week with my friends and I really liked the shoes, but I didn't get my size. They only have 38 and 40, no 39. The 38 was too fit, 40 was too loose. And since this one is quite expensive (for me) so I didn't want to buy it in un-appropriate size.

So. I've been searching to some malls, but the shoes weren't even in other ZARAs I visited. Then last Friday, after had a meeting at PS, I had my eye on a bag. But the bag on the window display was the only one left and they couldn't get it out until next month. Based on my curiosity, I crossed to Senci with an intention to see the bag, and luckily they were still open (it was around 9.30PM) and they got the bag. After I got the bag, I re-checked the shoe shelf again, you know, in case. And I only saw the 38 and 40, just like last week.
But wait, what is that, a pair of my dream shoe fell from the shelf. Could it be... and yes, it was 39, my size!! Here's what I call soulmate!
And I ended bought a pair of bag and shoes. Consider it a gift for my self.

I also have smoothen my hair and got a black dress from Body & Soul last week. So this gift is more like a package, ha-ha (a self justification for an over spending).

They looks nice aren't they!!

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