Sabtu, 05 September 2009

bright days like this

Couple days ago I went to a company event, and met an old acquaintance (whom I respect very much). And he was very welcome to chat, and we talked about lots of interesting things.
Really made your day, meeting someone with such positive energy and welcoming gesture. I also got acquainted with a new person who sat in the same table. She was also very cheerful and amicable. I thanked both of them for being such nice person. Experienced being in a group full of snob people, their negativity really affected me til days after, made me asked what was wrong about me while it was all about them and their bad behaviour.

Anyway, other thing which made my day, the legging I ordered via inet came, and it was as good as what I imagined, and it was a bargain! My best stuff usually are the bargain one, if it's already jodoh/soulmate, I believe you can get the best stuff with the best deal, as long as you're patient enuf to search for the one. Haha it really is like looking for a soulmate!

Pair it with my fave black shoes

I have to be very careful though in using this lacey leggings, it can easily look whore-ish XD
I really want to get another pair with different motif, but I stopped myself thinking I won't use this very much anyway.

Paired it with the dress I bought in Bangkok, Obi and Brooch bought separately in some random occassions.
Hope to have more bright days like that day, as bright as my flower brooch!

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