Sabtu, 29 Agustus 2009

Office Shoes

My fave office shoes is now broken..I feel pretty sad because I really like this shoes, coz for me it's formal and fashionable at once. I love the details such as the hole at the front, the T-Bar, and the lacey structure on the back. So, what a shame..
Well at least it stayed for 7 months, which quite spectacular for my office shoes since I wear it in rough conditions such as taking busses everyday, running here and there..I even wore it to gym once, ha!

Here's the new one...

After considered to throw the old one away... I felt a strong attachment to it. Because I really developed a liking towards this shoes, and not only feel the need to use it to work. So I later think of trying to repair it-which I only do to some of my fave stuff, otherwise why bother taking it to Stop n Go, throw it away will be so much easier. So then I washed the shoes, together with others that I wear daily.. here they are..

Wish me luck with the repairment!

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